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What the by-election result told us

24 October 2013

IT HAS often been said that if you vote UKIP you get Labour. The truth of that statement is quite evident in the result of the Stifford Clays by-election last week.

Had Labour failed to hold the seat, they would have lost control of the council, so there was all to play for on all sides. In the event Labour held on, much to the disappointment of UKIP who really thought they would sneak it but found themselves in third position.

There is no doubt that the general cynicism with politics is fuelling a drift to UKIP as the ‘plague on all your houses’ party. This is a shame because the most cynical posturing of all is committed by that very party.

Its leader Nigel Farage pretends to be not a real politician, despite having been elected to the gravy train that is the European Parliament 14 years ago at the age of 35.

UKIP would have you believe that come the New Year there will be 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians descending on our shores. This is clearly fatuous.

They even try and suggest the Conservative promise of a referendum in 2017 is a lie, despite the fact we are making it the law of the land!

In Stifford Clays, Labour’s vote plummeted, showing that there is no enthusiasm for the council under its current leadership.

Had just a few cast their vote for the Conservatives rather than UKIP, Labour would have lost the election and lost control of the council. In tough times, when we need decisive leadership, the vote is important.

It will change things. Instead of using it to give people a bloody nose, think about exactly what kind of leadership you want, what kind of priorities you wish to be pursued. And remember if you vote UKIP you get Labour.

The Conservatives are promising you a referendum on EU membership. If you want your say there can be only one choice at the next election – and it isn’t UKIP.


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