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Our welfare changes are fair

3 July 2013

THE Government continues to fix the welfare system so it’s fair both for the people who need its support and the hard-working people who pay for it.

Last week the Chancellor announced that benefit claimants will have to take language lessons if they don’t speak English – or have their benefits cut.

It is only fair. Claimants are going to be unlikely to find work if they dont speak English – it is a basic requirement. Hard-working taxpayers should not see their hard-earned cash being used to fund benefit tourists.

No-one begrudges supporting those who need our support – and if we tackle the abuses we can support the needy better. It is a crucial ingredient for getting immigration under control.

For too long Britain has been a soft touch. Of course we welcome people here who want to work hard and make the best of themselves.

And our community is full of people who have done just that and served the community to boot.

But in being open we have also exposed ourselves to abuse. The fact is we can’t afford to be a soft touch any more.

The debt incurred by past Governments is going to be a debt we pass on to future generations and we have to take every step we can to get the nation’s finances under control. I look forward to a time when all taxpayers can keep more of what they earn.

We have done what we can for ordinary taxpayers by increasing the personal tax allowance. Twenty-four million people have had a tax cut, and 2.2million people have been taken out of income tax all together.

But I want to do more and really make sure work always pays. There is a lot of work to do, but make no mistake we are determined to get the job done.


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