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New powers for port police forces to fight crime and protect our borders

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price met with chief officers of England’s Port Police forces to mark the extension of powers following the passing of a new Act of Parliament.

Jackie persuaded Cornish colleague Sheryll Murray to include the necessary provisions in her Private Members Bill.  The Bill became in Act at the end of the last session.

To thank the two MPs for their efforts, the Chief officer of Dover police presented them both with medals usually reserved for officers with long service, and the Chief officer of Tilbury police also awarded them medals.

Jackie said,  “I am very grateful to Sheryll for supporting the Ports Police forces.   The new Act will strengthen the ability of the Ports police forces to play their role  in protecting our borders and fighting crime.  Whether it is intercepting stolen vehicles, dealing with illegal immigrants or simply managing the traffic, this new Act will make it easier for them.  The Ports police play a valuable contribution to the nations’s security.  They do so at no cost to the taxpayer, being wholly funded by the Ports themselves and I have been pleased in my own small way to be able to support them.”


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