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Crunch time over crossing

On Friday the Government finally published the detailed proposals surrounding the Dartford Crossing. I know we all wish to see the tolls gone and I continue to make that argument.

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Hoping for a new media era

THERE is only one story in town the ongoing saga of telephone hacking. In the space of a week we have seen the demise of the News of the World, the withdrawal of the BSkyB bid, the resignation of a Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the recall of Parliament. It is quite unbelievable and not, I am sure, how Rupert Murdoch thought this would pan out.

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Accountability's the key to good expenditure

AS A member of the House of Commons public accounts committee, I have the unenviable task of scrutinising how Government spends our money and whether it achieves value for money. Too often we see examples of how money is wasted.

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Bickering and backstabbing has to stop
LAST year the general election failed to give any single party a mandate to govern with a majority. As a result the Conservative Party came together with the Liberal Democrats to agree a programme to govern in the national interest. We did that because whatever you think about politicians, by far the majority of us get involved to make our country a better place.
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Academies show that real skills still count
Broadening the range of opportunities for our young people is central to enabling everyone to be the best they can be.
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Royal Wedding shows we need to stay proud
ON April 29 Britain showcased to the world the pride we have in our country and our institutions as we celebrated the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
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Polling day is approaching and on this occasion we will be casting our votes not just for the local council we also have a referendum on our voting system. I will be voting no in the referendum I think our current electoral system serves us well.
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ONE issue I know bothers many of you is Europe. It bothers me too. I don't think the European Union should be interfering in our lives with petty and damaging regulations.
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Overstayers Mar our Immigration Reforms
Immigration is an issue that often comes up on the doorstep and in my surgery so it was with some interest I took part in the public accounts committee enquiry into the new points based system.
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Welfare reform will mean a fairer society
LAST week the House debated the Government's legislation to reform the welfare system.

I believe this is one of the most important measures being taken by this Government. At the heart of the reforms is the principle that work must pay and that anyone who chooses to work will be better off than if they claim out of work benefits.

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