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Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has backed local campaigner Deirdre Lodge in her attempt to raise awareness about the health consequences of black mould.


Jackie said, “We need to make sure that poor housing is not risking people’s health.  Under the Decent Homes Standard introduced in 2001, council properties are required to meet a statutory minimum standard and be free from serious hazards.  Damp and Mould growth is a category 1 hazard and Councils are required to take action in such cases.

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Jackie backs Government grant for Green buses

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price joined Peter Newman, Managing Director of Ensign buses to launch the first in Essex hybrid bus which will be introduced into Ensign’s fleet.


Ensigns, who run bus services across Grays and Thurrock has received a grant of £475,000 from the Coalition Government’s Green Bus fund, which will contribute towards funding 6 of the new buses.

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Thurrock MP Warns Business to Plan for Road Disruption during Olympics
 Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has issued a warning to businesses in Thurrock to make sure they are prepared for the road disruption caused by the Olympic Games.
The Thurrock MP used a recent inquiry by the Public Accounts Committee to level some tough questions at Transport for London TFL about the implications for road users.
TFL have designated 109 miles of London’s roads as part of the Olympic Road network.  This covers many of the Capital’s main arteries, particularly to the East, including the A13. 
Jackie said, “I am very worried that local companies whose business requires them to drive around East London will be severely impacted by the Games.”
“Transport for London believes that by circulating details of when they expect the traffic to be heavy will help businesses plan and avoid the road network at times of peak activity.  They really believe that people will avoid the roads and have even suggested that my daily drive from Purfleet to Westminster will take less time!”
“The reality is that for many there is no choice but to use the roads as this is their livelihoods.  Nonetheless there are things that businesses can do to mitigate the impact that the Olympics will have.  Transport for London has offered to run surgeries for those firms most affected and advise them when they are most likely to face difficulty.  I would encourage businesses to take advantage of this so that you can plan to avoid traffic congestion where it is anticipated.”


Jackie Doyle-Price welcomes near doubling of the number of apprenticeships in Thurrock


To celebrate National Apprenticeship week Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has welcomed news that 830 people started an apprenticeship in Thurrock last year.  An increase of 400 on the previous year.


Jackie said, “Expanding the number of apprenticeships is central to our programme for tackling youth unemployment and equipping young people with the skills they need to find work.  The Government is delivering unprecedented funding for new apprenticeships and we are making funding available for small businesses to hire apprentices.

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Jackie Doyle-Price Visits Grays Work Programme


Today Jackie Doyle-Price visited Ingeus in Grays.  Ingeus has been contracted by the Government to deliver the Work Programme, The Coalition Government’s programme to tackle long term unemployment.  The Work Programme provides tailored support for claimants who need more help to undertake active and effective jobseeking. Participants receive support to overcome barriers that prevent them from finding and staying in work.


“Getting people off benefits and into work is a key priority of the Coalition Government and the Work Programme is designed to achieve exactly that.  The programme is designed to give intense support for people who have been unemployed for over a year.

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