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Jackie challenges leader of Thurrock Council to do better on proposals for the new river crossing

Jackie has today issued a challenge to Thurrock council leader John Kent regarding the proposals for a new river crossing in Thurrock.  Jackie has called on the council to make a study of the impact on Thurrock’s road network and air quality of the various options under consideration.

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MP welcomes Basildon Hospital mortality review

Following the review of Mid Staffordshire hospital, there is to be a thorough review of the high mortality rates which have prevailed at Basildon.  The review will be undertaken by the NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh.  Basildon is one of fourteen hospitals which will be examined due to their unusually high death rates.

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Buck Stops With Hospital Boards For Poor Performance

In a debate following the report into Mid-Staffordshire hospitals, Jackie Doyle-Price told the House of Commons that residents of South Essex were let down by the failure to hold senior management to account at Basildon hospital when serious failings were first identified by regulators in 2009, and that the buck stops firmly with the Board of Directors for failing to grip areas of poor performance.


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Jackie demands free tolls for Thurrock residents
Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has renewed calls for Free tolls for Thurrock residents. the plea has been made in response to the Government consultation regarding the implementation of free flow at the crossing.

Jackie said, "Whilst the Department treats the crossing as part of the national road infrastructure, its impact on road traffic conditions is local. For us it is the cause of congestion and misery. I am pleased that the Government has finally given the go ahead for improvements to Junction 30/31 of the M25. Together with the introduction of free-flow, we have a solution for the short term. Nonetheless my residents continue to live with the congestion consequences and I think it is time that they be entitled to free crossings.

The history is that the tolls were meant to be lifted once the construction costs of the crossing had been met and a maintenance fund established. That moment is long past. The last Government used its powers under the Transport Act to designate it as a congestion charge. Currently residents of Thurrock and Dartford are entitled to a discounted toll. Essentially they pay £10 for fifty free crossings and twenty pence per crossing thereafter. I would like to see this scheme revised. That is on paying the £10 to register; all users should then be entitled to free crossings for a year. It is time to deliver on the broken promise of free tolls when the crossing is completed, at least for Thurrock residents. "

Jackie also used the consultation to reiterate her opposition to increased tolls prior to the introduction of free flow and to restate her position on the Lower Thames crossing. She said, "While ever the toll booths and barriers remain in place, this will simply be a queue tax for all road users and a further increase before the barriers are removed is unacceptable.

"The Department is looking at proposals for a new lower Thames crossing. I am quite clear that there is inadequate provision of river crossings East of Tower Bridge. The congestion at Dartford and Blackwall is a consequence of that and it will not be alleviated in the long term without more crossings. I welcome the Government’s support for a new crossing at Silvertown which will divert some of the London orbital traffic currently using the crossing. I would also encourage examination of other options west of Dartford.

Residents of Thurrock have had to tolerate the adverse consequences of a major piece of road infrastructure running through their community for decades. Any new crossing must alleviate these problems not add to them. Specifically we want assurances that any new crossing


Must alleviate congestion at the Dartford Crossing

Must not cause additional congestion at Thurrock’s already overcrowded road network

And must not lead to the construction of new motorways in Thurrock


I note that Kent County Council have articulated support for option C, which links the M20 with the M25 via a crossing East of Gravesend. The 2009 consultation found that this would have only a moderate impact on the Dartford Crossing. There would be significant environmental consequences from the construction of new motorways which will run though Thurrock. It therefore fails the test and is totally unacceptable."

Jackie Welcomes Improvements to Junction 30

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has enthusiastically welcomed confirmation that the Department of Transport will start work on improvements to Junction 30 of the M25.



The improvements represent the single most expensive junction project being undertaken by the Department of Transport.

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