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Jackie Backs Small Business Saturday
I am delighted to back Small Business Saturday. All over Thurrock there are small businesses providing a living and jobs for so many people. The challenge of setting up your own business is always a risk.
The costs in taxes are daunting and Governments must do their best to support those who have the courage to establish their own businesses and enable them to be the best they can be.
Firstly, I have successfully lobbied the Government to extend the residents discount for the Dartford Crossing to vans and small Lorries. This will be a big saving to self employed people in Thurrock who work in Kent as will as Essex.
Secondly, I invited the Secretary of State for Justice to visit a number of small businesses who had been blighted by crime at a great cost to their businesses. Following this visit, Chris Grayling introduced measures to enable businesses to give victim impact statements to the courts when criminals receive their sentences. Where commercial crime makes a serious impact on a business, this will be reflected in the punishment the offender receives.
I hope everyone will be supporting and getting involved in Small Business Saturday on 7th December Small Business Saturday is a new grassroots.
The campaign backed by the Government, major political parties, local councils and many others. The idea of the day is forsmall businesses of all kinds across the UK to take part by offering special deals for customers, showcasing events and much more. Government Departments will be working with the campaign to support small businesses on this day.
Basildon hospital proves Labour put politics before patient care says MP for Thurrock

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has offered the following comment on the emergence of email evidence which shows that the CQC were placed under undue pressure to cover up failings at Basildon Hospital.  The emails obtained by Stephen Barclay through FOI requests illustrate that  CQC were aware of serious failings at Basildon in May 2009 and advised Monitor and the Department of Health that they did not have confidence in the management of the hospital.  The emails also reveal that Ministers were furious when the information became public in November.

Read more... [Basildon hospital proves Labour put politics before patient care says MP for Thurrock]
Jackie wins concessions for Thurrock users of the Dartford crossing

Following Patrick McLoughlin’s announcement in the House today that the Dartford crossing residents scheme is to be extended, Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has expressed her delight that the Secretary of State has listened to her representations.

Speaking in the House today the Secretary of State said

“I am also announcing today important changes to the discount scheme, which will help local people who use the Dartford-Thurrock crossing, following a persuasive campaign by my hon. Friends the Members for Dartford (Gareth Johnson) and for Thurrock (Jackie Doyle-Price). From March 2014, those registered on the schemes will be able to make unlimited trips over the crossing for just £20 a year. For the first time, we will include privately registered vans, offering a welcome boost to small businesses.”

Residents will thus be able to choose between paying £10 as they do at present for 50 free crossings and 20p thereafter or to pay £20 for unlimited free crossings.

Jackie said, “I have been lobbying the Government since I was elected to try and get free tolls for Thurrock residents and I am delighted that the Secretary of State has been persuaded to make these concessions.  I am particularly pleased that the residents discount scheme will be extended to small vans.  This will help a large number of Thurrock residents who require a van for their work.  Regular users of the crossing will benefit from the option to pay £20 a year for unlimited crossings.  With the tolls set to rise again these are significant discounts for Thurrock’s motorists.  I am proud to have delivered these changes which will benefit hard working people across Thurrock."

Friday’s Chaos on the M25 and A13 proves need for new outer ring

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price claims that Friday's chaos proves that The Government needs to rethink its proposals for a new Lower Thames crossing.

“Friday's chaos proves there are not enough crossings east of Tower Bridge.  as traffic is diverted to Blackwall, queues were as far back as Rainham.  When the Dartford crossing closes vast areas become car parks causing misery for motorists.

But it also illustrates that the options under consideration are the wrong ones.  They would simply add to congestion on the M25 and the A13.  The Government needs to think again.  A new crossing at Canvey offers the opportunity to link the M2 and the M11 and establish a new outer ring road.  That would bring real resilience to the road network.  Dependency on too few crossings brings real risk which is costing our economy badly.”

Jackie Responds To Lower Thames Crossing Consultation

In her response to the Government’s consultation, Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price has called on the Government to rerun the consultation to look at more options downstream and upstream of the existing Dartford crossing.  She has also said that a new Lower Thames crossing should herald the start of a new orbital ring road and should not put more traffic onto the already congested A13 and M25.

Jackie said, “I would like to see more crossings east of Tower Bridge and I am pleased that the Mayor of London is to build a new crossing at Silvertown and is also looking at another bridge proposal.  Both these crossings will alleviate some of the London traffic away from the Dartford crossing.

It is frustrating that the Highways Agency seems to ignore what is happening in London because the Mayor is the responsible Highways authority.  Government needs a more integrated approach to planning for transport need and these proposals should be considered with those proposed in London.

The crossing is however part of the nation’s transport infrastructure and the Government in bringing forward proposals for a new crossing must bear this in mind.  It simply isn’t good enough for a sticking plaster solution.   We need to be planning forward to make the necessary investment in road infrastructure which will support jobs and growth in for the coming decades.  The M25 has capacity issues and it is time to look at the potential for a new outer ring road.

The options currently under review were first proposed in 2009 along with two further options.  These were Option D - M2 link to Canvey Island and Option E - Isle of Grain link to east of Southend.  I therefore believe that with so much support being expressed for Option C, the Government should look again at options D and E and properly consider the proposal for a new outer ring road


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